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Serving November 2014 to May 2016. This is a collection of letters e-mailed home from Sister Berry.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Brazil is Legit

{Received November 19th}
I'm in Brazil. I am excited but you can't tell because I don't know how to do an exclamation point on this Brazilian keyboard. I don't know how to capitalize anything so I'm sorry. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.
Anyway. Brazil is legit. The plane ride was okay. I sat next to an Elder so no cool Brazilian stories or anything. Oh, I'm sorry about the call to Beth and Kelley. {Side note: Kenzie called her mother from the SLC airport and talked for 40 minutes. She called her Aunts from a stranger's cell phone for 3 minutes- she didn't say much but she did have some tears.}  I was just expecting the whole way to Atlanta to call home  and then none of the lines and lines of payphones worked. I just wanted to talk to you all longer and I was just super disappointed. 
I am excited to be here!!!!!! (hahaha I figured out the exclamation points. Yaaaay!!!) The weather is actually super nice right now, not too bad, although it is the morning. 11:14 is the time here. I barely slept but I'm feeling good now, I'll probably feel different later. So I am safe and doing well! I don't know anything else at this point but I think I  can keep you updated. I love you all soooo much!
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