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Serving November 2014 to May 2016. This is a collection of letters e-mailed home from Sister Berry.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Late Valentine's Day!

Brazil doesn't have Valentine’s Day (only a day of boy/girlfriends in July or something), but my comp got a little into it and made a bunch of hearts and looked up a bunch of scriptures about love. It was really cute; you should look up the scriptures about love in the Bible and Book of Mormon sometime. Good stuff. :) Some I wrote down were 1 Corinthians 2:9, Deuteronomy 13:3, and Jeremiah 31:3. 
  Today was a really busy crazy week (as usual), and things are going great! We had a zone conference this week that was amazing. Its 3 or 4 districts so about 20 missionaries were there. Our Zone leader is absolutely awesome and told us some great stuff. Some notes I wrote down:

· The Spirit talks to us in different ways, we need to recognize how it talk to us, and then listen to it.
·  Don’t hesitate, just do it!
·  Am I doing everything possible to follow the Spirit?
·  We will have lots of difficulties because Satan wants us to fail and will do everything he can.
·  We need to follow the whisperings of the spirit and always choose the right.
·  Make goals with yourself to get better each day.

We met some great people this week and are teaching some great lessons! It’s really easy to find people to teach here, it’s just kind of hard to find people that aren’t breaking the law of chastity (sex before marriage) or have addictions such as coffee, cigarettes, or tea. The struggle is real. But we are helping the people we are teaching and things are really looking great.  We are teaching a great family right now too.  Rosangela is awesome; she is so humble and so willing to do the things the Lord wants her to do. She just has a little problem with smoking a pack a day right now, so we are helping her to quit so that she will be prepared for baptism. She is amazing, she’s reading the BoM and praying for strength.

I have really learned out here how bad these addictions are. Especially coffee. We were teaching this amazing family and they were reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church but when we told them they couldn't drink coffee-they changed. They love their coffee in the morning and they don’t want to stop because it is a tradition here in Brazil. We tried to tell them that coffee is addictive and bad for our bodies and our spirits (read Doctrine and Covenants 89). It’s just really sad to see that people won’t change just one aspect of their lives for the Lord. We’re going to visit them again this week so please pray for this family that they will be able understand and have the Spirit touch their hearts.

I know that this church is true. I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the thing which he hath commanded. I’m grateful that I was taught these things and that I don’t have any addictions and that I never will.
Remember that God loves you, and He wants you to return to live with Him again. And the only way that you can do that is through the gospel. This church contains the fullness of the living gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s why I am here in Brazil.

I love Brazil btw :) Pictures: Me and the other sisters in our ward. Love em :) The view from one of the church buildings we were at, and Maracujá fanta (passion fruit). Why don’t we have this in America?? 

I love you all! You are always in my prayers!
Com Amor, Sister Berry