Dates Serving

Serving November 2014 to May 2016. This is a collection of letters e-mailed home from Sister Berry.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Six Sisters in One House


Another week gone by! What a crazy week! I think I forgot to mention last week, but there are now two other missionaries living in our house. That equals 6 sisters in one house. The house is big, but there is only one bathroom. I thought it would be crazy, but it has been working out pretty well. Who knew that hard things were possible? ;) The other sisters are great too. One from Manaus, another from Ecuador, and another from México (wooo hooo I am going to make some mexican food!). I love missionaries!

Things are going great with Sister Pinheiro and I. She is super fun and always makes me laugh. We are ready to work hard this transfer and see some miracles. Something that she and I have started doing is saying Bom dia or Boa tarde or noite to everyone on the street that passes by. People give us weird looks sometimes, but it is pretty awesome. It actually makes me a little happy when I look for people to say Bom dia to. Something small and simple that really makes a difference.

So this weekend is Carnaval- a huge party here in Brazil. But holidays here are some of the worst days for missionaries because everyone here goes to the beach or travels to visit Family. So Sunday at church was a little sad because we had some good people that said they would come to church that didnt show up. So this week we have to work even harder and next Sunday will be a lot better.

Exciting news: i ate a part of a pigs foot! For lunch on Sunday a member made Fejoada, with every part of the pig that you can imagine. A lot of the times people dont add the ears or the tail, just meat and sausage, but sometimes people put it all. So I started eating and then as the member was serving herself she puts a pig foot on her plate along with the rice and beans. Say what?! She offered me a little bit and of course I accepted. Nothing special, but I dont think i need to eat it again. I love Brazil!

So this morning I read a talk in the Liahona from Elder Oaks. He talked about how we can find joy in the  gospel. Members of the church should be the happiest people on Earth. Lately I have been struggling a little with that. So Elder Oaks invites all of us to search for the happiness that comes from obedience and keeping the commandments that God gives us. I know God loves me, and I know that He wants me to be happy. So lets be happy. May we choose to be happy today, tomorrow and forever because God is on our side, and we cannot fail. I love you all and I am so very grateful for all your prayers and support.

With love, Sister Berry