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Serving November 2014 to May 2016. This is a collection of letters e-mailed home from Sister Berry.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Look for Little Miracles

So this has been a great week! Sister Pinheiro and I were able to work hard and help a lot of people. But, tomorrow is transfer day, and I am getting transfered! I am finally leaving Itaim after almost 8 months here. It was super hard to say good bye to all the members and people here that I love so much. It was strange because it really felt like I was leaving home. I already felt like I was a part of the ward. That is why I am super excited to be here with Sister Arzola (from Argentina) in Vila Mariana, the center of Sao Paulo. It is going to be super different but I am excited to get to work.
 So a little more about my week: I gave another talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. The members were probably sick of seeing my face, but the bishop wanted to me say a goodbye of sorts. I decided to talk about something that I learned a lot about on the mission: sacrifice. Today God asks us to offer as a sacrifice a broken heart and a contrite spirit. As a missionary, I have been learning how to give everything to the Lord and this work. I have learned how to give up all my wants and dreams for a year and a half and just do His work. And actually, my mission is almost ending. I cannot believe how fast time flies. It still feels like I will be a missionary forever. Lets keep it that way.

Yesterday was also amazing because of Fran and her family. I love them so much. I wish I could stay in Itaim just to stay with them to get to know them even better. I am so happy for Fran that she was able to find the church again and is helping her children to grow in the gospel. God is good.

Yup. I am going to miss so many people but I am excited for this new beginning. This next transfer is going to be absolutely amazing! I know that God loves me. I can feel His love for me every single day, even when I make mistakes. Its all about the little things. For example, Sister Pinheiro has the habit of talking about food all the time (she's tiny but she eats a lot!) and its crazy how she talks about some kind of food that she wants and that day or the next someone offers us that kind of food. Its awesome! One day she asked me what I wanted to eat, and that day I just wanted 'natural juice', juice made from the fruit itself, super delicious and refreshing. I thought of mango or guava (more common), but then we got to talking about suco de acerola and how it has been forever since we have had it and its one of my favorites. We forgot about it and went to lunch. After we had finished eating lunch with a sister in the ward we were just sitting and talking a bit, and out of nowhere she asked us if we liked suco de acerola. Like wait, what? I could not believe it and I just started laughing. Sister Pinheiro pointed out that God really loves us, and I agreed. So we drank delicious suco de acerola and were happy. :)

Make sure to look for the little miracles every day. Your Heavenly Father loves you more than you can imagine! He is always there to help you!

love ya!

Sister Berry