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Serving November 2014 to May 2016. This is a collection of letters e-mailed home from Sister Berry.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Waiting on the Road to Damascus

The weeks pass by so slow and so fast at the same time! Well, this week was especially crazy because my comp has been having knee problems and a sister in the other dupla (companionship) has been sick a lot this week. So, I’ve gone on a lot of exchanges with different Sisters this week. It’s really great to do exchanges though. I love talking with missionaries! I am so thankful for my health! You don’t know how good you have it until its gone, or until you see someone without it. So, if you can keep my companion in your prayers! 

Some good news for the week: we found THE BEST place with açaí ever! It is so delicious! So now we go there all the time, it’s great. 

We have been talking a lot with Diéron still, and his family. He is so special, and he has such a strong desire to get baptized, but the problem is his family. Everyone keeps telling him that he's too young to get baptized and he doesn’t know what he's doing. But Diéron is coming to Church with his grandma and he's reading the Book of Mormon. He really just wants to follow Christ. We are going to talk to his Dad about it tonight. (His dad lives in a different house not too far away, but works a lot), and help him realize that this is a good thing to do.

I am so excited for general conference this weekend! We have the amazing opportunity to hear from the prophet and apostles of the Lord! I read some old conference talks this week from April 2011 that were really good. One was 'Waiting on the Road to Damascus" by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf. He talked about how sometimes we just wait for a huge sign from God before doing the things that we are supposed to do. Instead of moving forward doing the little things, like reading the scriptures, saying prayers, and going to church, we think that an angel needs to come down and tell us to do those things. Most of the time our “angels” are the people around us. The Lord works through other people to answer prayers. Don’t wait to do the right thing. Just keep moving forward, and the Lord will bless you with what you need. Good stuff. 

Turn to the Lord in all that you do. Pray always, and be strong.

Love ya,
Sister Berry