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Serving November 2014 to May 2016. This is a collection of letters e-mailed home from Sister Berry.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Area, New Companion, New Adventures

Things are fantastic here in Sao Paulo Brazil! So here's the big news: I am now in Boa Vista! Mogi das Cruzes. Basically it means that it's super far away from where I used to be! And my WONDERFUL new companion is Sister Larissa. She's Brazilian from Rio Grande do Sul, and is super sweet. She only has 3 months left of her mission, and she's engaged! Her fiancé is serving his mission in Brazil right now too. I love her!

Transfers! I love transfers. I had the chance to see a bunch of missionaries all in the same place. I got to talk to my trainer Sister Beazer! That was awesome!! And I got to see my MTC companion, Sister Kormylo whom I love! So that was great. We found out who we were paired with and where we were going and we got our bags and went. We had a ride back to our area which was super nice because it was an hour away by car; I can’t even imagine how long it would be by bus or train.

We are in a little house behind the bishop’s house, and the family is amazing. We have a nice little apartment, and everything was all set up for us. OH, I forgot to mention that we are opening up the area. Sister Larissa wasn’t in this area before; we are both new. So we are super lost, but the work moves forward anyway. The bishop has a huge 'backyard' and has banana trees and oranges and I think tangerines too. So we have a lot of delicious fruit in the house now, yum!

So much happened this week! To sum it all up-

1) There was a GIANT SPIDER in our bathroom one morning. The picture cannot capture how huge it was. It was ginormous! The bishop wasn’t home so Nilva, his wife, came over with bug killing spray. When she first saw it she jumped back and ran almost out the front door again. After using all of the can of spray, we were able to get it out of the house. 

2)  We ate a nasty, nasty (double nasty) drink/soup called Mocató, which is a drink/soup made from the inside of a cow’s hoof. It was warm, salty, and the consistency of snot. I drank the whole cup; the lady was super insistent.

3) We had the best Churrasco (BBQ) ever at a member’s house this week. It was soooo good. There was so much meat! There was also garlic bread and cheese too that was amazing! It was really, really good.

We already did some cool things this morning with the Elders in our area. We saw some super cute monkeys, just hanging in the trees, and a cool Buddhist temple. My camera died halfway through but Elder Pott’s took some good pictures on his camera--I´ll try to send them next week.

I love this new area and I am so excited for all the new adventures that are coming my way!

Just remember that God loves you and he hears and answers your prayers. I cannot say that enough. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers; probably not the way that we thought, but the way that is best for us to grow. Just keep on keepin’ on, and do your best.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I LOVE YOU! Have a fantastic day, I’ll be thinking of you!
Jessie and Francesca Wall--EMAIL ME! I love you...maybe. I’ll have to think about it ;)

Love, Sister Berry