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Serving November 2014 to May 2016. This is a collection of letters e-mailed home from Sister Berry.

Monday, November 9, 2015

I Love Being a Missionary


Things are going great here and I cannot believe how fast time flies. Life goes by so fast! So I guess we have to make to most of it while we can. We have to be happy now. I reread an awesome talk by Uchtdorf from General Conference about being grateful in any circumstance. Its really good stuff and super true. So Im going to be happy no matter what. Rain or shine I will have a smile on my face, loving life :D, because that is what life is all about: being happy. 

 Also something super exciting about this week is transfers! Exciting because I am all about new things, and things are going to change a little bit around here. My companion, Sister C. Lima is being transfered, and I'm going to stay here with another companion who is new on the mission! So its super sad that Sister C. Lima is leaving but I know that other people need her too. And I don't know who I will be with yet, only tomorrow at the transfer meeting. I am super excited and a little anxious to see how all this goes. 

So also some exciting things happened this week. Have I already told you how much I love being a missionary? Well, some good things and sad things happened. First something sad-- we were teaching Igor this week. Igor is 17, already went to church and was reading the Book of Mormon. Since the beginning he always said "Sister, i wont get baptized." We stayed with him a bit because he is super good and likes our lessons. But this last lesson was sad because he said he knows it's true but doesnt want to follow it. We bore our testimonies, and told him that we know that the Church is true and that it can bless his life. Sister C. Lima told him that we are here because we want to help people. Finally he agreed to come to church again, but when we passed by Sunday he didn't answer. So that was sad. 

BUT, we found this other great young man on the same street who we taught and came to church on Sunday! Its amazing how sometimes "doors close, but somewhere God opens a window." 

And Antonio got baptized on Sunday! I cant remember if I talked about him or not, sorry that I don't explain much about our investigators. Anyway, Antonio is amazing and was definitely prepared by God to hear about the gospel. A member in the ward gave him a For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet, he read it, came to church and got baptized a little over a month later. He is so happy to have the gospel and wants to share it with others by serving a mission too! You can change peoples lives just by sharing a little bit of what we have. We have the truth. We have the key to happiness. You can do hard things! 

love you all! tchau!
Sister Berry